Grand Prix: Short Film
Song of Songs (Sebastian Goldfinch, Poland)
Honorable Mention
Forbidden (Charlotte Vacková, Czech Republic)
Rimbaud's Left Hand (Andrew Horne, Czech Republic)

Grand Prix: Feature Film
Honorable Mention

Grand Prix: Short Documentary
Wild Gemenc: Autumn Odyssey (Simon A. Bomb, Hungary)

Grand Prix: Feature Documentary
Goodbye, My Wonderful World (Joo Joostberens, Poland)
Honorable Mention

Best Indie Short
River (Rafal Sokolowski, USA)
Honorable Mention
Mr. Crazy (Filippo Cristiano, Italy)
Get Out of Your Head (Elliot Russell, Sweden)
Night (Cristiano Mangione, France)

Best Indie Feature

Best Director Short Film
Three boys (Gianfranco Boattini, Italy)
Honorable Mention
RESTORATION (Gerard Michael MacCarthy, Russia)
Imbroglio (Ian Sciacaluga, UK)

Best Young Filmmaker
Jackpot (Márk Makkai, Hungary)

Best Female Director
Your move, my lady (Tereza Hirsh, Czech republic)
Honorable Mention
Homelandsickness (Gülsel Özkan, Germany)
The Livestock at the Manger (Julie Vanlerberghe, Belgium)
The Bridges We Cross (Iris van Dongen. UK)

Best First-time Director (Short)
DUB HARD or the Sad and True Story of the Robbery of the Pannonia Dubbing Studio (Zsolt Dér, Hungary)
Honorable Mention
Slava (Roksana Gotz, Ukraine)

Best First-time Director (Feature)
1984 (Milan Ligač, Czech Republic)

Grand Prix: Super Short Film
Shoeshine (Sameer W. Jafar, Canada)

Best Director Super Short Film
Figmerit (Tea Nicole Van de Burgt, Australia)
Millions of cats (Petya Andreeva, Bulgaria)

Grand Prix: Student Film
Song of Songs (Sebastian Goldfinch, Poland)
Honorable Mention
Sun Shower (Hanseung Lee, Republic of Korea)
Cenk (Can Gülenay, Turkey)
Mari (Anna Kassay, Romania)

Best Director Student Film
Jackpot (Márk Makkai, Hungary)
Honorable Mention
The Girl with the Mousy Hair (Thalia Kent-Egan, UK)
Morecambe (Seb Morgan, UK)

Grand Prix: Music Video
Rigmor - Alt Det Du Gør (Nana Nancy, Denmark)
Honorable Mention
Mama Said (Aksinja Bellone, UK)
Don´t Wanna Love You (Diego Ante, Romania)
Sleeping alone (Martin Kučera, Czech Republic)

Best Director Music Video
MALIK HARRIS Sticks & Stones (robin karow, Germany)

Best Hungarian Short Film
The Fourth Dimension (Lőrinc Pusztai, Hungary)
Honorable Mention
Viktor & Victoria (András Reszeli-Soós, Hungary)
The best moment of the day (Zsuzsa Sándor, Hungary)

Best Drama
U Scrusciu du Mari - Sound of the Sea (Riccardo Cannella, Italy)

Best Director Drama
Cherry Juice (Mersiha Husagic, Germany)
Honorable Mention
Granite (mona aziz, Iran)

Best Comedy
The Other Half (Alina Stefania Ilin, UK)
Honorable Mention
End of Therapy (Gabor Hollos, Germany)
Tomorrow if all goes well (Ivan Goldschmidt, Belgium)

Best Director Comedy
Switched at Death (David Merry, Canada)

Best Animation
Your Dad (Anita Kühnel Szabó, Hungary)
Honorable Mention
Meditation at dusk (Judit Erdélyi, Hungary)
Forest March (Dániel Szűcs, Romania)
Wild Eye Pub (Filip Nerold, Czech Republic)

Best Director Animation
Lack (Paweł Prewencki, Poland)
Honorable Mention

Best Experimental
Flower Factory (Marek Tomajka, Slovakia)
Honorable Mention
Reference (Elisabetta Cancelli, Italy)
SCRUPUS (Timo Paris, Switzerland)

Best Web/TV Series
Iveta (Jan Hřebejk, Czech Republic)

Best Horror
Night at Hotel (Gabriel Hoštaj, Slovakia)
Honorable Mention
Little Brown Bird (Peter Rogers, UK)
Ariane's Baby (Mahée Merica, UK)

Best Thriller
Thirteen (Viktoria Windhab, Austria)
Honorable Mention
Dinner for Eight (Bernhard Ratka, Austria)
Stutter (Sebastian Matthias Weissbach, Germany)
Fugue (Alberto Lais, UK)

Best Sci fi
The Refugees (Alejandro Hoces Guillen, Spain)
Honorable Mention
The Fourth Dimension (Lőrinc Pusztai, Hungary)
12th of april (antonello deidda,)

Impasse (Nicolas Reza, Poland)
Honorable Mention
Curve (Dan Zeng, China)
Vanity (Alžbeta Bulíková, Slovakia)

Best Inspirational
Dream Prisoners (Elena Rubtsova, Lilya Glants, Czech Republic)

Best Action
Shattered Remedy (Dmitry Kulak, Ukraine)

Best Director Action
Hardened (Chon-Dat Nguyen, Germany)

Best Actor Short Film
Kissing the Wall (Yehuda Udi persi, Israel)

Best Actress Short Film
Princess Love (Heaven Howard, USA)
Honorable Mention
Death Grip (Sofie Juul Blinkenberg, Denmark)

Best Actress Feature Film
The witch of Funtinel (Krisztina Ilka Ritziu, Hungary)

Best Sound Design
Death Grip (David Silset, Denmark)

Best VFX
ADA (Anaïs VACHEZ, France)

Best Production
Skewered (Nick Ray Rutter, UK)
Best Hungarian Music Video
LUCA - Gonosz bábok (Péter Engelmann, Hungary)

Best Dance Music Video
The Forces Within (Elena Omura, Czech Republic)
Honorable Mention
Aya Strange “ne kerek?” (Dana Alimjanova, Kazakhstan)

Best Low Budget Music Video
Old Receiver (Péter János Ákos, Hungary)
Honorable Mention

Grand Prix: Short Script
Smiley Face (Lukas Reinke, UK)
Honorable Mention
Firecracker (William Stewart, Canada)
Windy City (Joseph Anthony Francis, USA)

Grand Prix: Feature Script
1000 - The Sword in the Stone series (Episode #1: The Druid, the Sword and the Raven) (Guido Maria Giordano, Italy)
Honorable Mention
A Tale of Two Cities (Samuel Benjamin Books Negin, USA)

Grand Prix: Television Screenplay
Crown Point (Joseph Anthony Francis, USA)

Best First Time Screenwriter

Best Drama Screenplay
HEADWIND (Jeff Gendelman, USA)

Best Comedy Screenplay
Winslow's Warranty (William Clark, Nathan Cox, Grace Clark, USA)

Best Thriller Screenplay
Grandma Böse (Alicia Hayes, USA)

Best Horror Screenplay
Holy Hill (Molly Beth Weiner, Jeff Boggs, USA)


First Name Last Name Project Title Country of Origin
Petya Andreeva Millions of cats Bulgaria
Swen Werner My Digital Truth United Kingdom
ILIYAS DAUDI «THE BLIND» (2023) Russian Federation
Joseph Anthony Francis Single At Christmas United States
Joseph Anthony Francis CROWN POINT United States
Joseph Anthony Francis Windy City United States
Jamie Lee Dante Belgium
Magdalena Juszczyk Faith, Hope and Love Poland
Larisa Vödisch-Nikitina THE GOLDEN BILLION Switzerland
Xiwen Zheng Me ? Your Mom ! China
Nitin Gupta Walk India
Shu Fly Where are We Going China
Filippo Cristiano Mr. Crazy Italy
ASB Productions The Other Half United Kingdom
Marek Tomajka Flower Factory Slovakia
Robin Karow MALIK HARRIS Sticks & Stones Germany
Romana Carén It could have been me Austria
Toby Smith The Cutting Room United Kingdom
Dimitry Kulak Shattered Remedy Ukraine
Mahée Merica Ariane's Baby United Kingdom
Sebastian Goldfinch Song of Songs Poland
Rianne Stremmelaar Hiraeth Not Specified
Tea Van de Burgt Figment Australia
Elisabetta Cancelli Reference Italy
Eric Fraad Day Six Ireland
Mersiha Husagic Cherry Juice Germany
Andrew Horne Rimbaud's Left Hand Czech Republic
Muireann Hayes Machnamh Ireland
András Reszeli-Soós Viktor & Victoria Hungary
Diego Ante Don't Wanna Love You Romania
Mythravarun Vepakomma Dance you are alive, Celebrating world peace day. Ireland
Simon A. Bomb Wild Gemenc: Autumn Odyssey (2023) Hungary
Krisztian Egry Memoirs of Métiers - The cradle of tales Hungary
Alberto Lais FUGUE United Kingdom
Mariella Bussolati Mind and Nature (Mente e Natura) Italy
Martin Fjeld LET ME GO Norway
Suzan Marie
Grace Australia
Marleen Irani Cupidity Netherlands
Harvey Pearson In My Mind United Kingdom
Guido Maria Giordano 1000 - The Sword in the Stone series (Episode #1: The Druid, the Sword and the Raven) Italy
Daniel Szűcs Forest March Romania
Maiqi Zuo Forgetting Chloe United States
Alexander Ploier She does not. Austria
Tom Bezhanishvili Thirteen Austria
Charlotte Vacková Forbidden Czech Republic
Helise Stamos STANTON & ANTHONY United States
Cristiano Mangione NIGHT France
Ferenc Aponyi The witch of Funtinel Hungary
Leah Bleich Catch Him United States
Zuzanna Cichoszewska Recall Poland
Sergei Zhdanovich  Hack the Legacy Russian Federation
dan zeng Curve China
Ismail Mougamadou CONTACT France
ALICIA HAYES Grandma Böse United States
Lőrinc Pusztai The Fourth Dimension Hungary
Paweł Prewencki LACK Poland
Demeter Hunor Frosting Hungary
Oleg Condrea Tangled Tails Moldova, Republic of
Jana Montorio A Lonely Dreamer (EN) Czech Republic
Kyriakos Kakoullis Pollinator Cyprus
Filippo Cristiano Mr. Crazy Italy
Nick Rutter Skewered United Kingdom
David Silset Death Grip Denmark
David Silset Avalanche Denmark
Vitali Pikalevsky The Black Cube United Kingdom
Tim Vogel Worlds Apart United States
Ivan Goldschmidt Tomorrow if all goes well Belgium
Peter Fielding Bach, the animated series Italy
Chon-Dat Nguyen Hardened Germany
Thalia Kent-Egan The Girl with the Mousy Hair United Kingdom
Darek J. Who Will Clean Your Windows? Poland
Martin Kober BLOOD ON MY HANDS Austria
Gabor Hollós End of Therapy Germany
Sam Negin A Tale of Two Cities United States
Carla Massolini To The Body Germany
Frederik Køhrsen Rigmor - Alt Det Du Gør Denmark
Alžbeta Bulíková VANITY United Kingdom
Jacob Muller UNTOLD Switzerland
Yehuda Udi persi kissing the wall Israel
סיון א. Be My Guest Israel
Shota Kamitani The show ends twice Japan
Zen Nguyen Scarlet Silence United Kingdom
William Clark Winslow's Warranty United States
IAN SCIACALUGA Imbroglio United Kingdom
Sameer Jafar Shoeshine Canada
Silvia Sardellaro The Cabinet Italy
Peter Engelmann LUCA - Gonosz bábok Hungary
Sigal Hazak It’s a long day today Israel
Adina Bairakimova 10 20 3 15 Kazakhstan
Iris van Dongen The Bridges We Cross United Kingdom
Robin De Vernon Ryding Fatherhood United Kingdom
Péter Ákos Old Receiver Hungary
Govind Chandran Scarlet United Kingdom
Andrii Berezin A Call from Home Ukraine
Helena Papageorgiou The Surrogate Vistas Australia
Sparverius Production The Refugees Spain
Milan Ligač 1984 Czech Republic
aksinja bellone Mama Said United Kingdom
Onda FILM Three boys Italy
Peter Rogers Little Brown Bird United Kingdom
Tessa Morell Spearfinger United States
Elena Rubtsova Dream Prisoners Czech Republic
Domenico Morreale Rosalba Guastella - "Now That You're Here" Italy
Jeff Gendelman HEADWIND United States
Rey Janjua The Neon Ballerina United Kingdom
Joana Brandão MAR DE GELO Portugal
Tereza Hirsch Your move, my lady Czech Republic
Jason Perniciaro Tom & Joe United States
Nadejda Murze Sunshine and Winds of the East Cyprus
Árpád Pethő Meditation at dusk Hungary
Chris Dabney Princess Love United States
Dana Alimjanova Aya Strange “ne kerek?” MUSIC VIDEO Kazakhstan
Csaba Szentgáli Impasse Poland
Seb Morgan Morecambe United Kingdom
Jacob Thomas Pilgaard Udsigten (The View) Denmark
Riccardo Di Gerlando Violetta Resti Italy
Francesco Paolo Montini UN DESTINO MIGLIORE Italy
Can Gülenay Cenk Turkey
Sandro Hernández PENUMBRA Spain
carlito ghioni L'homme qui collectionne les élastiques - L'uomo che raccoglie gli elastici Italy
yixuan yang lost Not Specified
Barak Stern Whiskey Israel
Kelly Saxberg Carousel of Time Canada
Mikael Göransson Reincarnation Sweden
Antonellino Deiddino 12th of april Italy
Charlotte Brown Seasoning of the Soul United States
Lucas Reinke Smiley Face United Kingdom
antonia Dauphin RED TIGHTS United States
Elionor Buholzer Aleksandre- a thievish life Switzerland
Timo Paris SCRUPUS Switzerland
Marlin Darrah An Egypt Affair United States
John Sundvall People like me never change Sweden
Trevor Meyer Finder's Fee Canada
Roksana Gotz Slava Ukraine
Antonio Michele Stea How? Italy
Mordechai Vardi CABBAGE Israel
Teymour Tehrani DISCONNECT Germany
Lance Hensley Lurid Woman United States
Gabo H  Night at Hotel Slovakia
Zdravko Terkeš The Night Of Silver And Gold Bosnia and Herzegovina
Márk Makkai Jackpot Hungary
Julie Vanlerberghe The Livestock at the Manger Belgium
Antonio Hrynchuk Paramedics: Emergency Response, Season 7 Canada
Jeremy Snowden "Historia de un Amor" by Razteria United States
Elliot Russell Get Out of Your Head Jack Sweden
Alga Films Zheimer Spain
Esther Inbal Outside In, Life Of A Figure Model United States
Sebastian Matthias Weißbach Stutter Germany
FÁBIO AZEVÊDO The Promise - The São Gonçalo Ball Brazil
Florian Bosc Hiking Canada
Jorge Morais In Half Spain
MJ McGalliard The Angel's Toe United States
Hegedűs Hunor I thought I would write it down Hungary
Vincenzo Pandolfi PRODIGIUM Italy
Vishnu Veerakumar You & Me Canada
Luana Fanelli I,Lina Italy
Jay Strong Osiris United States
Garrett Bates River United States
爆発郎 池田 ξ[gzai] Japan
Molly Weiner & Jeff Boggs . Holy Hill United States
SevenSkies Distribution Granite Iran, Islamic Republic of
PARITOSH PAINTER The Defective Detectives India
Philip Orihuela Movie Movie United States
SevenSkies Distribution interaction Iran, Islamic Republic of
Bernhard Ratka Dinner for Eight Austria
Martin Kučera Sleeping alone Czech Republic
Nacho Martin Runaway Killers United Kingdom
Benji Irwin The Big Iron Canada
Zsolt Der DUB HARD or the Sad and True Story of the Robbery of the Pannonia Dubbing Studio Hungary
Guelsel Oezkan Homelandsickness Germany
Magdalena Nowak-Gniadek The case of Beethoven Poland
Jean-Baptiste GUITTARD ADA France
Livio Bondi A tooth for a tooth United Kingdom
Rodrigo Campos I'll Never Be There (US) Brazil
Sándor Zsu The best moment of the day Hungary
zhe Yuan Puppet China
Shade Rupe Eidolon Hungary
Hanseung Lee Sun Shower Korea, Republic of
Chad Gracia Gulag Eros of the Russian Mind: Sex in the Soviet Union Ukraine
Kimberly Fisher Girl On Fire United States
Elena Omura The Forces Within Czech Republic
Esquina Productions Official Between notes and silences Peru
Jacek Nastal The Delicacy Poland
Péter Ákos Old Receiver Hungary
Andrew Horne Rimbaud's Left Hand Czech Republic
Joe Gilbert STILL United Kingdom
Felipe Sanguinetti William Mackinnon France
filip neřold Wild Eye Pub Czech Republic
Aia Asé Pictures Goodbye, My Wonderful World Poland
Polina Brazhnikova How to become a rapist in 6 steps Belgium
Harry Stoneman Change Your Story United Kingdom
William Stewart Firecracker Canada
YOMI NANA Not Murder United Kingdom
Horatio Tihanyi Krazy Dead United States
André & Vito Gogola 115 Sweden
Cinnamon Production U Scrusciu du Mari - Sound of the Sea Italy


Grand Prix: Best Music Video
Honorable Mention
Edge of the horizon (Theano Kapareli)

Grand Prix: Best Feature Documentary
Honorable Mention
DORA Escape into Music (Kyra Steckeweh and Tim van Beveren, Germany)
Into the Shaolin (Hongyun Sun)
1920 – What If? (Gergely Bödők)

Grand Prix: Best Feature Film
Memento Mori (Mónika Stefán Kiss)
Honorable Mention
Four women by the water ( Claudia Azevedo Clemente)

Grand Prix: Best Feature Script
Pocket Money (Teodora Pancheva)
Honorable Mention
Revenge of the Servants of the Gods (Judy Elizabeth Brulo)

Grand Prix: Best Music Video
 Honorable Mention
Across the Oceans ( Sam Javadi)
 Square One (Victoria Koberstein)

Grand Prix: Best Short Documentary
Deer Bell (Edit Jakab)

Grand Prix: Best Short Film
Famadihana (Hugo Rousselin)
Honorable Mention
The Odysseus (Daniel Le Hai )
The Trees are Blue (Melanie Grancourt)
The Old Lady and The Boxer (Camilo Diaz)
On the Brink (Stephanie Olthoff)
Those Who Follow (Frederic Kau)  

Grand Prix: Best Short Script
Germans Don't Make Movies (Lucas Reinke)
Honorable Mention
Bell Tolls (Sebastian Davis)

Grand Prix: Best Student Film
Pásztor Stairs, 13th of September (Atilla Papp)
The Jump (Bogdan Kozula)

Grand Prix: Best Super Short Film
Winner How to Build a Life (Matthew Reese)
Honorable Mention
The Last March Of An Ad Creative ( Kiran Koshy)

Grand Prix: Best Television Script
Cortland Parkway (Joseph Anthony Francis)
Honorable Mention
Revenge of the Servants of the Gods (Judy Elizabeth Brulo )

Grand Prix: Feature Documentary
Honorable Mention
Alexander´s Diary (Sándor Szalma)

Best Actor Feature Film

Best Actor Short Film
Secret Santa (Luca Müller)
Honorable Mention
People like me never change (John Gustav Teodor Sundvall)

Best Actress in Feature Film
Honorable Mention
Guardians (Rick Walker)

Best Actress in Short Film
Woman in the mirror (Katarina Madirazza)

Best Animation
Honorable Mention
Your Dad (Anita Kühnel Szabó)
The Princess & the Pearl (Sonja Rajamäki)
 Lucky Brave's Sunshine (Joseph Game, Andrés Aguilar)
 Starship (christian debney)            
Little White Lies (Jisoo Kim)
a tree once grew here (Johnnie Semerad)          

Best Animation Music Video
Černý tesák (Zůstaň - Miloš Dolinský)

Best Cinematography
Honorable Mention
Cold (Daniel Le Hai)

Best Comedy
Ten out of Ten (Imre Mazlo)
Honorable Mention
WordLotto (Johnny Baca)
 The Nana Project (Robin Givens)  
 Unripe (P.M Nelson)        
VILLA LUCIA (Michal Kollar)
  AAi-Ron (Angel Alvarez)

Best Comedy Screenplay
 Honorable Mention
Playground Insults (Toby Smith)
Drugs Cost Time (Lucas Reinke)
SHIFT (Darren Lee Murphy, Sharon Burrell)
Crayola Zen (Mike Green)    

Best Dance Music Video
Selfmotion (Martin Bystriansky)      

Best Director (Short)
Sideral (Carlos Segundo)
Honorable Mention
The Shadow of the beast (Frederic Raynaud)    
Unlocked (David Anthony Butler)        

Best Director Feature
VILLA LUCIA (Michal Kollar)    

Best Director Music Video
They are watching you (Quentin Bernard)      
Honorable Mention
 La Villa (Bill E Webb)

Best Director Student Film

Happy Meal (Avia Makovsky)

Best Director Super Short FIlm
FLOW (Pablo Soto)
Honorable Mention
Scavengers (Louis Dabrowski)

Best Drama
Woiwode - Of Hope and Pain: The Memories of a Survivor (Maik Giessler)
Honorable Mention
 Encontro (François Manceaux)

Best Drama Screenplay
Rollers (RJ Shick, Dan Patrick McCarthy)
Honorable Mention
Windy City (Joseph Anthony Francis)

Best Experimental
The Moths (Piotr Stasik)

Best Fantasy
Watercolors (Daniel Mosiurczák)
Siege of Paris (Darren O'Mahony)

Best Female Director
Istina (Truth) (Tamara Denić)

Best First-time Screenwriter
The next stop (Fanni Potonyecz)
The Light At The End (Lynda Simmons)
 Honorable Mention
Emma Who? (Laura Michelle Edmundson)
Perry (RJ Watson)

Best Horror
WOMAN IN THE MAZE (Mitesh Patel)
Honorable Mention
That Cold Dead Look In Your Eyes (Onur Tukel)
The Psychiatrist (Christoffer Hammarlöf)

Best Hungarian Short
Honorable Mention
Zwischenstopp (Kiliána Kilián)
Caravan (Szonja Szabo)

Best Indie Feature Film
Tunnel at the End of the Light (Szabolcs Pető)

Best Indie Short Film
The Car Spotter (Martin Sandin)  
Honorable Mention
The melting creatures (Diego Céspedes)
 LifeQuest (Richard Lounello)
Care & Repair (Michael Cooke)
 STREET 105 (Abdulrahman Al Jandal)

Best Inspirational
Honorable Mention
Of kisses and capes (Elena Weiss)
DeadZone (Idriss Orfeo Grein)

Dog Bites Man (Vincent Zambrano)

Honorable Mention
Momo or Moses (Charif Ounis)

Best Hungarian Music Video
Török Tilla Folk Experience - Awakening (Peter Perenyi, Hungary)

Best Music Video
Honorable Mention
Sinbaram (Taeyoung CHOI)
Sean Reyes - Won't (W.T.D) (Kareen Mallon)

Best Pop Music Video
Vampire (Persia White)      

Best Sci-Fi
Electric Bodies (Antoine Janot)
Honorable Mention
Eve (Edu Matus)

Best Thriller
Lucid (Nick ter Beek)
 Honorable Mention
Twisted (Vibeke Muasya)

Best Thriller Screenplay
Driver Seven (Elliot Stanton)

Best Web/Tv Series
Who's Annie? (SOPHIA PEER)
Honorable Mention
 Synesthesia - Chapter 1: Neuroception (Wesley James Trisnadi )
The Witches of Hampstead (Maria Busz)
 Story of Godia (Mouayed Zabtia)
 Kididoc - Rolling! (Raoul Magrangeas)    

Best Young Filmmaker
On the terrace (Julia Ernesti)
 Honorable Mention
 sands of time (aaron coles)

First Time Director (Short)
Honorable Mention
Once Outside (Malo WELFLING)


First Name Last Name Project Title Country of Origin
Jacek Raginis-Królikiewicz A Time For Summer Poland
Előd Marosvölgyi Bambi: Cigarette Hungary
Ed Vela The Field United States
Marc Blasweiler The Fate of Cysalion Germany
Andre Semenza Lily of the Valley United Kingdom
Charlie Fotheringham Joyless Jubilation United Kingdom
RJ Watson Perry United States
Bradley Holdaway Like any Other New Zealand
Kai Groenwald The Penrose Triangle Germany
 Henry Sarwer-FonerBot the FarmCanada 
Vincent Pioli Mister Time France
jay wheddon GOING T*Ts UP! (draft 6) United Kingdom
Madam Champagne Madam Champagne Film United States
Luca Müller Secret Santa Germany
Luca Müller Momo or Moses Germany
Martin Kober The Stranger Austria
Martin Kober The shards of our love Austria
Richard Lounello LifeQuest United States
Demeter Lorant SILEO Hungary
Paul Rodriguez Spot The Indifference United Kingdom
Pablo Soto FLOW Spain
Enikő Miavec Detour Hungary
Vibeke Muasya Twisted Denmark
Andrii Zhuravskyi King of Spades United Kingdom
Chris Manydeeds Bounce United States
Giuseppe Arcieri MEDEA (SUB ENG) Italy
Gilad Shdema Separation Israel
Whit Hamilton UNION United States
Márton Szives Klatzow Project - World of Joan Miró Hungary
Márton Szives Klatzow Project - Red Sun Hungary
Petra Barkhausen Those Who Follow Germany
Petra Barkhausen Of kisses and capes Germany
Petra Barkhausen Linecrosser Germany
Petra Barkhausen How to Bury a Fish Germany
Petra Barkhausen ISTINA (Truth) Germany
Arman Mirhadi Couples Therapy Poland
Basil Sakr One Two Three Punch United States
Józef Romasz MY TIME DANCES WITH ME Poland
Rahel Schaber Ruth Germany
Adrian Carey Mariposas United States
Pauline Moreau Hall 4 France
Angelos Alfatzis Untitled IV Greece
Noemi Clerc Lilith Germany
Daniele Favilli LAST VICTIM Italy
Alex Daskalov Velvet & Czech Republic
Pedram Taghavi Death of Nazarene Germany
lorenzo gabanizza I don't want to live without you Italy
Felix Wollner You're Early Germany
paul may Steve's Law Canada
Tamás Ivády Legacy Hungary
Levente Lippai Behind Closed Doors Hungary
Pawel Stokajlo Pesto - VESPA Poland
Daniel Prypchan Wateke Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic of
Alex Helmer A Cognac at the Indy 500 United States
Luke Rex Bonding United States
Roberto Moretto VERTICALMAN - storia di un uomo verticale Italy
Edit Jakab Deer Bell Hungary
Urs Spoerri MOMENT NOIR Germany
Matias Klaver The New Boyfriend Australia
Katie Payne The Illusion of Choice United States
Johan Oudshoorn SEE Netherlands
Miki Krajko VILLA LUCIA Slovakia
Adis Kutkut Fugitive Bosnia and Herzegovina
Donavan Richard THE HUNTER (7min39) Canada
Jes Bergholt Bach Master Sensei Denmark
Marlin Lofaro Intervals Of Horrible Sanity United States
Kesari Bhattacharya Take you there Australia
Hannele Kuusisto CELUI - The One Finland
Mike Green Crayola Zen United States
P.M Nelson Unripe United States
Francesca Jandasek The Journey United States
Krzysztof Niemczycki Decadence Poland
Olga Niekrasova Valise Ukraine
Mohamed Jad Photographers in Focus - Abdo Magdy Turkey
János Váradi Alexander's Diary Hungary
Samantha Schofield Luisa United States
Lennart Mathias Männik A Prayer Estonia
Peter Filimaua Fili United States
Mitesh Patel WOMAN IN THE MAZE United States
Richard Goss FRIED United Kingdom
Fanny Le Floch - Vergnon Kididoc - Rolling! France
carlito ghioni The man who collects elastics Canada
Ádám Mikó Death at the Psychologist's Hungary
keshhav panneriy CATFIGHT India
Kiliána Kilián Zwischenstopp Hungary
Kiliána Kilián Encounter Hungary
Willy Martin My Sweet Story United States
Shubham Gosalia As Far As We Know United States
Shubham Gosalia Through The Night- Oceans Away United States
Chih-Li Chang Space Station Village EP6: The Carved Agreement Taiwan
John Ryan Howard Don't Open The Box Ireland
Neri Ricci Lotteringi Golden Shopping Arcade Italy
Victoria Koberstein Square One Germany
Denisa Mařasová Watercolors Czech Republic
Jad Rahmé Mirage Lebanon
Per Tengstrand Beethoven - Freedom of the Will United States
Panorama Agency Centaur Denmark
Michelle Taubman An Ever After Drama United States
Nicole Lin Expectation United States
Jon Paul Dojo United States
Anthony Del Negro The Nana Project United States
Potonyecz Fanni The next stop Hungary
Michael Marco Blind Blood United States
Alexander Schmitt Radamanth Germany
אביה מקובסקי Happy Meal Israel
TheKateGeinman None Sob Russian Federation
Corey White Siren United Kingdom
peter perenyi Török Tilla Folk Experience - Awakening (Hungarian Version) Hungary
Laura Edmundson Emma Who? United States
Mouayed Zabtia Story of Godia Libya
Yeon Choi A Bride's Diary United States
Zha Babaieva TRANS RUNAWAYS Ukraine
Dávid Zsidákovits Robots Hungary
Dara Semerad a tree once grew here United States
Jin Hsueh The Past Taiwan
Massimo Falsetta Things Left Unsaid Italy
Adam Fried The Walk Germany
Anita Kühnel Szabó Your Dad Hungary
Gustavo Gomes BARDO Germany
Katie Garibaldi This and That United States
Jurijs Saule Souls for Sale Germany
PAPARAO BIYYALA Music School India
Nikolay Bogomilov(Timoteo) LA BELLE DAME SANS MERCI Bulgaria
Amor Christensen The End United States
Nicholas Linadi My Successor United States
Arnaud de Grandry Mille France
Robin De Vernon Ryding Miss Walker Concept United Kingdom
Jackie Jackson Royal Dupe (2023) United Kingdom
Julian Withalm Der Fremde (The Stranger/L'Étranger) Germany
christian debney STARSHIP Australia
Duc Bao Bui Reue - Regret Germany
Ricardo Kauffmann To Kyiv and Back Germany
Ringo Christiaan Van Droffelaar Carry The Cross by Paracrona Norway
David Willer Edgar Not Specified
Nicolai Sagasser Latent Space Germany
Jisoo Kim Little White Lies United States
John Dada My Baby France
Claudia Clemente Four women by the water Portugal
Bryan McGlothin The System United States
Antonio Perez CAMILA HUNCK Spain
John Sundvall People like me never change Sweden
Seyf Naman A Visit From Home Switzerland
Kiss-Stefán Mónika MEMENTO MORI Hungary
Fatih Zaman SPEAK TO ME OF BLUE Turkey
Piotr Stasik The Moths Poland
Markéta Magidová Releasing Spell Czech Republic
Axel Werner Lake Of Dreams Germany
Dimitris Tsilinikos Locked Down Greece
Keith Reilly Ahoy for Joy United Kingdom
Lucio Zago Last Stop United States
Katharina Sporrer The Visit Germany
Atilla Papp Pásztor Stairs, 13th of September Hungary
Dimana Pastrakova Fracture Not Specified
RALPH GIORDANO Knockout United States
Sonhador Filmes Lightup Hungary
Alex Budovsky Algorithm Takedown United States
Paul Coates ALONE TIME United States
Terri Potoczna BAD INFLUENCER United Kingdom
Didier Navarro The Harvest Not Specified
Marcia kimpton An American in Amsterdam United States
Marcia kimpton An American Abroad United States
Idriss Orfeo Grein DeadZone Germany
michele pautard Reminisce Italy
Amore Psiche  Big Noise Italy
Zuzanna Kucharska Lori's Choice United States
Tim van Beveren DORA Escape into Music Germany
Tatiana Wanda Doroshenko The Job Australia
Brian Faison Solow United States
Laila Iravani Out There United States
Lynda Simmons The Light At The End Canada
Hedi Ben Nasr Under the Fly's watch Tunisia
Verónica Wood Caretaker United States
Νεφέλη Σταματογιαννοπούλου DRIVER Greece
BO TANAS The Return Canada
Marion H von Loewenstern DOCTOR HARRIET'S FOUR Germany
FREDERIC RAYNAUD The Shadow of the beast France
Amour Braque ATTRACTION Italy
Kathryn Grant ORDER MY STEPS Short Film United States
Franco Mirra Blood of my blood Argentina
Sérgio Roizenblit Wilding Country Brazil
Angel Alvarez AAi-Ron United States
Danny Patrick Pulcinella United Kingdom
Jon Aldersea Erase Me United Kingdom
Olivia Lee Pardon The Interruption United Kingdom
Loretta Thomas Holier Than Thou Not Specified
Loretta Thomas Flight United States
Odveig AS PANE Norway
Kathryn Mincer A Hostage Situation United Kingdom
Kaiser Cunningham Bench Seat (Official Music Video) United States
Trevor L. Poole Down River United States
Martin Sandin The Car Spotter Sweden
Bärbel Junk The Secret of the Charango Germany
Ron Melmon Forever Wild (formerly The Valley) United States
Van Overbroeck Richard I SWEAR * Belgium
Clarince Mecenario You Hear Me United States
Louis Dabrowski Scavengers France
Otch 001 Limit China
Vic Dook Zaheera and The Jinn Singapore
Dariusz Henka A Deadly Mistake Poland
Arash Behzadi Defiance France
Richard Kelemen Oscar Vazquez Apple Pie United States
kazohin None kazohin feat. Lena CS "Elevate" Hungary
Felicia Konrad EarthLove Sweden
Dog Bites Man Valkyrie Films Dog Bites Man United States
Fred G Stemme A Siren's Sweet Whisper United States
Robert Nelson The Volunteer United States
Wai Yee Chan Life of Cloud Hong Kong
Sofia Dawalibi Ugolini (UN)SCRIPTED United States
Pavleena Naegele The Moments That Make Us United States
Antonio Piras No Mercy Sweetheart United Kingdom
Maureen L Bipolar Argentina
Jonathan Backman The Maestro Canada
Kareen Mallon Sean Reyes - Won't (W.T.D) Canada
Theano Kapareli Edge of the horizon - Groove Armada feat. She Keeps Bees Hungary
Ettore Pasculli NAMI' DANCE WITH GOD Italy
Colossal Productions How to Build a Life United Kingdom
Michele Fasano METAMORPHOSIS Italy
Jiansu Wang The (W)hole United States
Bernadette Chapman The Old Lady and The Boxer United States
Robert Jack Permenter Final Wish United States
Annette Hildebrand Short film: Woman in the mirror Germany
Hammam Shafie “The Secret” United States
Max Zompicchiatti Dissolution Italy
Philippe Bazelle BRAMBORK France
INTL HUG The lead Korea, Republic of
Alysha Haran Nocturne United States
Sonia W Kohli Qaid No Wayyy Out United Kingdom
Quentin Bernard They are watching you France
Airon Armstrong MIDDLE CITY United States
Rick Walker Guardians United States
Szabolcs Pető Tunnel at the End of the Light Hungary
Silvia Goliašová Selfmotion Czech Republic
Juan Reinoso Mad Props United States
Sebastian Bauer hoplove - a journey through the hop year at Lake Constance Germany
morgan matyjasik Mermaid Road France
Szonja Szabó Caravan Hungary
Dog Bites Man Valkyrie Films Dog Bites Man United States
Irene Chan Kick Off Hong Kong
Olala Pictures Kft. 1920 – What If? Hungary
Nerio Bergesio IL MORSO DEL RAMARRO Italy
Gunilla Leander Bodily Signs Sweden
Sandy DeLisle You're OUT! United States
André Rodrigues Secrets of Memory Brazil
JIEUN PARK Goose Korea, Republic of
Taeyoung CHOI Sinbaram Korea, Republic of
rob leggatt Meeting Mr Samuel United Kingdom
Bixby Elliot Natsukashii United States
Danielle Frimer Safe United States
Linda Radke Finding Joy United States
Oswin Vogel Woiwode - Of Hope and Pain: The Memories of a Survivor Germany
Vanessa Nicholson Sunday's Child United Kingdom
Abdulrahman Aljandal STREET 105 Saudi Arabia
Darren Murphy SHIFT United Kingdom
Bill Webb La Villa Not Specified
Jens Eriksson The Psychiatrist Sweden
Edu Matus Eve Chile
Yaz Canli My Home Unknown United States
viktor pacsorasz Thank You Hungary - Fates in the shadow of the Greek civil war Hungary
Kevin Nowakowski The Angels of Anguish United States
Caroline Liebhart Mother Tongue Austria
Lola Victoria Sunrise Hill United States
Miloš Dolinský Černý tesák - Zůstaň Czech Republic
Ndukwe Onuoha Ada Ani (the awakening) United Kingdom
Tom Lop WordLotto United States
David Pohlus GRAU Germany
François Manceaux Encontro France
Jina Rose To My Lover Switzerland
Katalin Remény Futó Real Preaching Hungary
Mathieu Aschehoug Et la France
Lukas Olszewski remember me Germany
Kaze Uzumaki My Method Germany
Elena Motiejunaite Antipodes Not Specified
Samantha Lee Howe The Stranger In Our Bed United Kingdom
Aaron Huckleberry Victor United Kingdom
Stephen Wallis Afterwards Canada
Douglas Olsson A Close Encounter United States
ML Post Padre Italy
Ankit Rathore Asatya (Untruth) India
Debi McMartin Aftershocks Not Specified
Eirini Alligiannis Louie (KR.ONE) Gasparro 5POINTZ United States
Sebastian Davis Bell Tolls United Kingdom
JK Jones Sargeant Classified United States
Elliot Stanton Driver Seven United Kingdom
Elliot Stanton Ice-Cold Revenge United Kingdom
Elliot Stanton Brotherly Hate United Kingdom
Elliot Stanton The Future's Not Ours To See United Kingdom
Elliot Stanton A Pledge To Murder United Kingdom
Tim Walton Inside 221B United States
Joseph Anthony Francis GONE United States
Joseph Anthony Francis Home For Christmas United States
Joseph Anthony Francis Single At Christmas United States
Joseph Anthony Francis Windy City United States
Beata Csendes Ten out of the Ten Hungary
Marlin Darrah An Egypt Affair United States
Mike Johnston The French Kiss (V2) United Kingdom
Darren O'Mahony Siege of Paris Ireland
Damien Megherbi Big Bang France
Damien Megherbi The melting creatures France
Damien Megherbi Sideral France
Damien Megherbi Famadihana France
Damien Megherbi Electric Bodies France
Phi Hle Nobody Knows Luxembourg
Elliot Stanton Fisherman's Blues United Kingdom
Steve Simmons Cargo United Kingdom
Tomas Rafa Polish rainbow (2023) Poland
Lucas Reinke Isaac's Hand United Kingdom
Lucas Reinke Drugs Cost Time United Kingdom
Lucas Reinke Cook United Kingdom
Lucas Reinke The Teacher United Kingdom
Lucas Reinke Tears Of Happiness United Kingdom
Lucas Reinke Germans Don't Make Movies United Kingdom
Chris Dann HARRY'S END United Kingdom
Lottie Andersen Oscar's lovers France
Chris Dann CARERS United Kingdom
Nicolas Seguel Underwater Switzerland
Maria Busz The Witches of Hampstead Not Specified
Julia Ernesti On the terrace Serbia
Kelly Cochran-Yzquierdo Club Drama United States
Kelly Cochran-Yzquierdo Grief United States
Autumn Libengood Life After United States
Wesley Trisnadi Synesthesia - Chapter 1: Neuroception United States
Pol Diggler Gilipollas Spain
Chen Liangyu 1 2 3 Red light, Green light Taiwan
Bogdan Kozula The Jump Poland
Michael Cooke Care & Repair United Kingdom
Petr Hirsch Chernobyl On Wheels Czech Republic
Joseph Anthony Francis Cortland Parkway United States
Erik Sémashkin GOLDEN SEA Serbia
Luis Perez Villegas Marigold United States
Andy Decramer Hexagon Belgium
Rafael Horecki Reporter Poland
Isa Xiaoqian Zhu Hat Dweller Not Specified
Alan Ceppos That Cold Dead Look In Your Eyes United States
Türkan Kuşkay Dunkelsucht-Let Your Darkness Out Switzerland
melanie grancourt The Trees are Blue France
Chris Gau Déjà Vu United Kingdom
Konrad Maximilian Piotrowski RoY United Kingdom
Judy Brulo Revenge of the Servants of the Gods United Kingdom
Steve Wyatt BED FELLOWES Pilot United States
Lisa Satriano The Big Whoop United States
Steve Wyatt EXISTENCE IS FUTILE United States
Kandis Heckler America the Land of the Free? United States
Helise Stamos BOGIE & BACALL United States
diego rougier Disconnected Chile
Peter Mellado Reign of Blood - One Hour Dramatic Serial United States
Piro Gjylameti If I Knew Greece
Joseph Game Lucky Brave's Sunshine Ecuador
Manvel Saribekyan The American Good Samaritans Armenia
jay wheddon F.F.S! United Kingdom
Dawn Young Choice United States
Dawn Young Isle of Capri: A Song of My Mother United States
Dawn Young Who I Am United States
Tao Zhang KG145 China
Nick ter Beek Lucid Netherlands
Daniel Le Hai Cold Poland
Daniel Le Hai Mask Poland
Daniel Le Hai The Odysseus Poland
Sonja Rajamäki The Princess & the Pearl Finland
Sophia Peer Who's Annie? United States
Carolina Garrido Run Baby Run Spain
sam javadi Across The Oceans Not Specified
Luz Jaimes Y si Adelita... Mexico
Salvatore Riggio "Ban the Bullet" United States
Hazel Gurland Storming Caesars Palace United States
Jeremie Dameme The missing voice United States
Simone Pellegrini Beyond You Italy
Orhan Burak Acar Egaliter Turkey
Daniel Maslen Viking Short Film | Konungr United Kingdom
Maximilian Modl Marguerite Austria
ジュンジ ハナドウ ALLURE Japan
Cristina Ballesteros BIRDY United Kingdom
Kiran Koshy The Last March Of An Ad Creative United States
David Anthony Butler Unlocked United States
Aaron coles sands of time United Kingdom
Gary St. Martin The Edge - Episode One "Into The Past" United States
Sepinood Azarian Unborn United States
Justin Adcock Sparrow Street United States
Dan McCarthy Rollers United States
Ela Yürekli-Gorkay The Birthday United Kingdom
Zuyou Liu Never Tear Us Apart United States
Joe Leone COOP United States
Pozsgai Zsolt STAY WITH ME Hungary
David M Hinds Tasered United Kingdom
Casey Leary Jim & Gin United States
Casey Leary Posterchild Not Specified
Greg Kousoulis True Hell United States
Paul Emmanuel Lastennet Interstice France
Isabel Bernal I LIKE YOUR FATHER Spain
Susanna Bezooyen Willoughby's Regret "Reunited" Canada
Anton Pichler Melodie Raum 222 Germany
Virginia Mariposa Dale A Sister's Revenge United States
Shelley Coleman Out Out Not Specified
Damien Reilly A World of Difference Australia
Aditya Chintapalli Kimono France
Hongyun Sun Into the Shaolin China
Judy Brulo Revenge of the Servants of the Gods United Kingdom
Carolina Garrido Run Baby Run Spain
diego rougier Disconnected Chile
Teodora Pancheva Pocket Money United Kingdom
Gurdeep Singh From a Barren State United States
Toby Smith Playground Insults United Kingdom
Toby Smith Baby Blue United Kingdom
Malo Welfling Once Outside France
Shuyi Qiu Inu_Bond Not Specified
Liz Chiodo Mallory (Short Film) United States
Rawr Pictures The Muralz Malaysia